Kickstarter International Backers

As many are aware, customs and duty fees are unfortunately unpredictable at the moment. To avoid unfortunate surprises for our backers we have to charge significantly more for international shipping than domestic shipping.

(the shipping on single or 3-set chewy buckles is less because they are less likely to be charged duties fees)

As an alternative to backing this project, you can help us find international distributors by providing your email address, and the country you live in.  As soon as we get ten interested customers in a region we will find a distributor we can ship to in bulk to alleviate high duty and shipping costs and notify you where to buy.

This lets you:

  • support a local business
  • pay less on shipping and duties
  • and still be among the first to get your changing pads and chewy buckles

Your contact information will not be shared.

Thank you for you support and understanding

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