Sprout cloth rack and planter

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Meet Sprout

The fast drying mini towel rack and planter

Beautify Your Home and Reduce paper towel waste without rag mildew, clutter or taking up counter space.  

Made in the USA out of Recycled Plastic

Beautify Your Home

The removable self-draining planter is perfecct for growing succulents, flowers, food, or even sprouting new trees.      

Fight Rag Mildew

Wet used cloths breed mildew that can spread in your laundry. Sprout is designed to dry them fast before the mildew sets in.

Reduce Waste

Thousands of trees and millions of gallons of water are wasted every day to manufacture paper towels that go straight to the landfill. Sprout makes using cloth towels, rags, and napkins easier so you can save money and make less waste.

End Clutter

Sprout's unique double tiered design allows front and back airflow to dry up to 7 rags at once in a small space.

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We believe that by making green living easier, more people will choose it.  

Why Sprout?

Reduce Paper Towel Waste

Paper Towels are expensive and create over 6 million lbs of landfill waste every day. Sprout makes switching to cloth easy.  

Fight Cloth Mildew

Wet used rags breed mildew that can spread in the laundry. Sprout dries them beautifully without clutter.  

Beautify Your Home

Plant succulents, food, flowers, or trees.