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About Us

We Believe That Cute Little Hands Don't Belong in Dirty Diapers!

As parents of 5, our favorite thing about having kids is watching the never-ending curiosity they have for EVERYTHING. Like all parents, however, we quickly learned that this wonderful curiosity can be problematic. When our oldest son was 6 months old, the minute his diaper came off, both little hands shot down to investigate. As time went on, every diaper change became a wrestling match. Eventually, the only way for us to win was to tag team the little guy. He hated it. We hated it.

We searched for a product to solve the problem that would work for a family on the go like ours. Unfortunately, the bulky pillows and stationary changing tables just didn't work out.

After the arrival of our second son, and dealing with the same frustration for months, an idea was born. With the help of Grandma’s sewing skills, we came up with a solution in time for the arrival of our youngest daughter.

Now, after months of hassle-free diapering, we want to share our solution with everyone. We hope you find the “SnoofyBee - Clean Hands Changing Pad” to be as helpful for you as it has been for us!

See SnoofyBee in Action!