Other Products We Love

We are a family with 6 kids all living in a small 3 bedroom house so we are careful about the items we choose to have on hand.  In addition to the fun things we make ourselves, checkout these products you'll love that we use to make family life easy. 

The links below lead you to amazon or other trustworthy stores where we get a small commission on the item you purchase.  

Kids Choking Hazard Test Device

Children under the age of three love to explore with their mouths! This tube is built to the offical testing size used by the US Government to determine if a toy is a safe size for children under three.

Use this to test the items you have around your home to help ensure you have a baby safe envirnoment.

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ScrubBEE Silicone Kids Scrubber

Never worry about throwing another mildewy bath washcloth in the laundry.

These silicone scrubbers are easy for little kids to hold, they lather up great, and they are easy to clean. They are great for hand washing too! We use them EVERY day in our home.

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3 Wheeled Toddler Scooter

We love long family walks. These 3 wheeled scooters have been perfect for our kids starting at around 3 years old.

These are easy for young kids to learn how to use and they allow our kids to keep up with our faster walking pace. They are also light to carry when they need a break.

Dont forget to always wear a helmet.

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