Big News!!!!!🦈

Big News!!!!!🦈

Today our family is a-buzzing with excitement!  One of our friends is going to air on ABC’s Shark Tank tonight!!! Let me introduce you to Amy and Marlo from Big Bee, Little Bee. If you aren’t already following them, you definitely should be.  


Big Bee, Little Bee on Shark Tank

We’re huge fans of the products and use them every day from our Build-A-Straw with our smoothies to our ScrubBEE for bath/shower time and hand washing.  When Amy told us that her daughter had developed a solution for marker storage, we were sold!  

Marlo’s creation is the aptly named Marker Parker and when I say our kids use this ingenious invention everyday, I’m not even exaggerating. They love to color and create, the problem was, they’d leave a huge mess with markers and lids everywhere.  Inevitably one lid would slide away and be lost to the abyss and then that color would dry up and we’d have sad kids and a mess.  The Marker Parker’s design is made of flexible silicone that grips the lids and keeps them perfectly in place, allowing kids to pick the needed color and easily swap out.  It’s a must-have for any budding artist in your household!  

Marker Parker being used by our son, who loves the coloring pages on the Big Bee, Little Bee Blog

Order your Marker Parker here, and check out the 2.0 Version that allows for Broad and Fine Tip Markers. There are also fun coloring pages that my kids love on the Big Bee, Little Bee Blog.  We can’t wait for tonight and hope you can catch them too!

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