The Brushing Buddy: Family-Inspired Parenting Essentials

The Brushing Buddy: Family-Inspired Parenting Essentials

Two decades ago, embarking on the journey of parenthood, I quickly realized I was in for the learning curve of a lifetime! Meeting my husband and expanding our family underscored the fact that parenting isn't a one-size-fits-all adventure. 

As we began developing products to assist with everyday parenting challenges (starting with diapering and later expanding to mealtime, brushing routines, and on-the-go solutions), we realized we were crafting solutions for the very situations we were experiencing firsthand. And as parents, we get that every kid is unique, and what works one day can change the next. That's why we're all about making parenting easier and helping you get the most out of our products.  Below you’ll find helpful information about our products and how to get the most out of them!

As parents, we understand the daily juggle of meeting our children's needs, especially when it comes to dental care. We recognize that establishing a good dental routine is crucial for a healthy smile, but getting kids to sit still for a full two minutes of brushing can be a real challenge. Flossing is even trickier with their little mouths. During our visits to the dentist, we noticed how much more comfortable both dentist and patient were when using a bite block. Inspired by our own kids' love for teethers, we decided to combine the two ideas and create a product that not only aids in brushing but also soothes sore gums. We're all about products that serve multiple purposes throughout different stages – it's a win-win

When using the Brushing Buddy as a mouth prop, utilizing the dino's feet is recommended for babies and the tail for children 2 and up.the

To simplify brushing and flossing with your child, try these steps:

1.Have your child rest their head against something stationary to minimize movement.

2.Keep their hands busy with a book or toy.

3.Place the Dino buddy into one side of their mouth.

4.Brush or floss the other side of their mouth.

5.Swap sides and repeat the process.


Check out this video to see the Brushing Buddy in action!

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