Queen Bee Bag - Family-Inspired Parenting Essentials

Queen Bee Bag - Family-Inspired Parenting Essentials

Two decades ago, embarking on the journey of parenthood, I quickly realized I was in for the learning curve of a lifetime! Meeting my husband and expanding our family underscored the fact that parenting isn't a one-size-fits-all adventure. 

As we began developing products to assist with everyday parenting challenges (starting with diapering and later expanding to mealtime, brushing routines, and on-the-go solutions), we realized we were crafting solutions for the very situations we were experiencing firsthand. And as parents, we get that every kid is unique, and what works one day can change the next. That's why we're all about making parenting easier and helping you get the most out of our products!

Queen Bee Bag for one you don't have two hands to spare.

Sometimes you just don’t have two hands free. Ever fished for your keys while hauling groceries to the car or searched for a pacifier while carrying your baby? We have too. That’s exactly why we created the Queen Bee. So you can find exactly what you need, and do it one-handed.

Get ready for ultimate convenience! Our bag is designed to keep everything within easy reach. With its wide opening and light-colored lining, you'll spot your essentials in a flash. Plus, its soft structure stands on its own and keeps its shape when open.

Queen Bee Features

But that's not all; we've included straps that turn this bag into the ultimate stroller organizer, keeping all your must-haves secure and right at your fingertips.

No more zipper struggles, thanks to our GlideSure™ zippers. They give you the security you need, with a super smooth and hassle-free opening. They're designed with gentle curves, hidden coated coils, buttery smooth zipper teeth, and a wide base to prevent those annoying snags.

And here's the kicker: We're all about taking care of our beautiful planet. Our Queen Bee bag is made from over 15 recycled bottles, so it's not only durable and stylish but also environmentally responsible. Let's do our part to keep our planet beautiful for generations to come!

For easy care, spot clean the water-resistant surface with a disinfectant wipe or mild detergent on a washcloth. When necessary, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, then air dry it flat. Please refrain from using undiluted bleach, ironing, or exposing to high heat, as it may affect the water-resistant properties of the fabric and lining.

Check out how fast we can load the Queen Bee for a park playdate: see video here!

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