Eco-Friendly Products That We Love

Eco-Friendly Products That We Love

We’ve always wanted to make the switch to buying and supporting more products that promote healthier, more sustainable living. However, with eight people in our family, it seemed too daunting and, let's be real, too expensive to commit to. That was until I came across a company called Big Bee, Little Bee. They promote affordable sustainable living by providing innovative and practical products that make it easy for individuals and families to reduce their environmental footprint. Their commitment to protecting the planet is evident in the quality and functionality of their products.

One of their NEWEST products, the SoftShell, is a versatile container that is perfect for storing leftovers, snacks, and sandwiches. It's made of durable materials and features Cool Edge technology for safe handling out of the microwave. Additionally, it's easy to clean and dry, making it a convenient alternative to traditional containers or silicone bags.

Using the Soft Shell and the Suction-Go-Bowl to pack on-the-go charcuterie for parents and kids!

It complements the Suction-Go-Bowl that we use to pack our kids’ snacks, making on-the-go meals more affordable and easy to clean up, which was absolutely key for me.

Another innovative product is the ScrubBEE, a silicone scrubber that's designed to be used for bath or shower time, hand washing, or my newest secret weapon for cleaning shoes. Its versatile design makes it suitable for all ages, from babies to adults. It's also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and reuse.

The Build-A-Straw kit is another environmentally-friendly product that's perfect for those who are always on the go. The slim travel pod makes it easy to carry around and includes a mini straw cleaner. The take-apart design makes it easy to clean both the interior and exterior of the straw, ensuring that it stays in good condition for long-term use.

Finally, the Marker Parker is a fun and practical solution to the problem of lost marker caps and dried-out markers. The product's design ensures that the caps stay in one reliable spot, making it easy for kids to find them when they need to use the markers again. As a fun side note, the Marker Parker conveniently fits in the side pocket of our new Queen Bee Diaper Bag for on-the-go coloring activities!

As a family of eight, we have always found it challenging to make more sustainable choices, but Big Bee, Little Bee's products have made it not only practical but also affordable. Their innovative and eco-friendly products have helped us to reduce our environmental footprint, and we appreciate their commitment to making sustainability more accessible to everyone. We highly recommend their products to anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing functionality or affordability.


*This article was written with help from gpt2*

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