Navigating the Waves: Essential Packing for a Pool Trip with Your Baby or Toddler

Navigating the Waves: Essential Packing for a Pool Trip with Your Baby or Toddler

Taking your baby or toddler to the pool is a delightful way to engage their senses, keep them cool in the heat, and introduce them to a whole new world of water fun. But, as any parent knows, preparing for a pool trip with your little one involves a lot more than just packing a swimsuit and a towel. To ensure your day at the pool is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, we’ve compiled a handy list of essential items to pack in your baby pool bag.

  1. Swim Diapers and Change of Diapers

It’s a no-brainer that swim diapers are a must for your baby or toddler during a pool trip. These specially designed diapers do not swell with water like regular ones, and they help keep accidents contained. Pack enough for the duration of your stay and a couple of extras just in case. Don't forget to pack regular diapers for after pool time.

  1. Swimwear and Rash Guard

A cute, comfortable swimsuit or swim trunks are necessary. To protect your child from the sun’s harsh rays, consider a swimsuit with a built-in UPF or a rash guard. These clothing items provide sun protection and are especially crucial for little ones with sensitive skin.

  1. Baby Sunscreen

The tender skin of your little one needs all the protection it can get from harmful UV rays. Be sure to pack a baby-friendly sunscreen of at least SPF 50. Apply it generously 15-30 minutes before pool time and reapply every two hours or immediately after your baby comes out of the water.  A friend just recently told me she likes to set an alarm on her phone to alert her when the next application of sunscreen needs to be re-applied.  It’s a seriously genius idea and takes the guesswork out of the whole equation. 

  1. Baby Hat and Sunglasses

A wide-brimmed hat and baby-safe sunglasses can provide additional protection from the sun. They shield your child's face, scalp, neck, and eyes.

  1. Snacks and Hydration

Swimming can make your child hungry and thirsty faster than usual. Pack healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep them well-nourished and hydrated.

  1. Towels and Change of Clothes

Pack at least one large, absorbent towel to dry off your child after swimming. An additional towel can also be useful as a blanket or for laying on. A clean, dry change of clothes is necessary for after swimming.

  1. Toys and Floats

Bring along some water-friendly toys to keep your child entertained and encourage water comfort. A float designed for infants or toddlers can also enhance their pool experience.

  1. First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit containing band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medication should be included in case of any minor incidents.


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