Fun Children's Books Your Kids Will Love Reading The Rest of October

The other day while scrolling through my social media feed I came across a prompt “name one thing you’ll never have enough of”, and I knew without hesitation mine…..children’s books!  It’s true, when we lived within miles of a Barnes and Noble, we lived in dangerous territory.  I’d start with a huge stack of books and slowly pair them down before I got to the register.  And don’t even get me started on how cute their holiday displays for books were.  I have some of my favorite Halloween themed books that I’m so dang happy to add into the storytime routine rotation, it helps get everyone into the spooky spirit…..

Room On the Broom

My kids love all of these books, but it stands to reason I’ve probably read this one alone a bajillion times (hence the crease in it) and could still read it bajillion more.  The kids love the animal characters and honestly I can relate to the witch on a personal level, she’s always dropping her personal belongings.  We read this one year round, plus it’s got a fun rhyming theme to it.


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This is the exact opposite of me, I’m afraid of everything.  I want my kids to grow up brave, so I read this book to them.  It’s also a fun one that you can incorporate silly actions, maybe save this one for the daytime as it may rile up your kiddos.


Berenstain Bears Trick Or Treat

As a child of the 80’s/90’s this book is quinessteinal of my era.  I love the characters, the illustrations and our kids love the story.  A good lesson is always involved and the treats in the book will want you making your own.


Zombie In Love

This one is an absolute hoot, when my mom used to babysit she would always ask the kids to grab her the “zombie” book because she wanted to read it to them.  The storyline is humorous and the illustrations themselves are their own Easter eggs.  Plus this one doubles as a good Valentine’s Story.


Ten Timid Ghost

Love this quick read, that has a fun, rhyming storyline that will have your kiddos learning to countdown at the same time.


The Night Before Halloween 

A fun twist on an old classic.  Also fun for detailing all the fun activities and leading up to Halloween night.


Spooky Things

This is one we received as a gift and it is super quick (think exhausted parent at bedtime/storytime) and also fun and engaging.  Super cute Dr Seuss illustrations.


Biscuits Pet & Play Halloween

This is one of my favorites for toddlers.  I like to distract them with this book while doing some menial task like changing a diaper (this is where the Clean Hand Changing Pad barrier comes in handy)  or brushing their teeth.  The textures are engaging enough to keep them occupied and the storyline is super cute too. 

Haunted House

Another new addition, we received as a gift this year and my kids instantly wanted me to read it.  My toddler especially loves this one, it makes sounds once you open the peekaboo flaps.  And is not too spooky, more fun and silly. 


Hope this helps anyone looking to liven up their kids' storytime routine!





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