Valentine's Day Fun For The Whole Family

Valentine's Day Fun For The Whole Family


Fun For Kiddos At Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a holiday that is often associated with romance and couples, but it can also be a fun and meaningful day to celebrate with kids. Here are a few ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with your children:

Have a heart-themed craft session: Get creative with your kids by making heart-shaped crafts, such as paper hearts, handprint hearts, or heart-shaped cookies. We enjoy making crafts together and working on our classroom Valentine’s.  This year we found cute little Valentine-themed bookmarks to give out to our friends and family members.

Fun Valentine-themed bookmarks for kids to color and give to friends and family.

Share acts of kindness: Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of showing love and kindness to others. Encourage them to make cards or small gifts for their friends, family members, or classmates.  Something we enjoy doing is making each kid write down something they love about one another.  They may not value it at the time(insert eye rolling teenager), but I think it’s an important exercise to look for the positive in each other and I really feel it’s something they’ll eventually look back on and enjoy.  

Valentine heart craft for each family member, describes character trait we all love about one another.


Have a family game night: Gather the family together for a fun and festive game night. Choose games that are appropriate for your children's ages and interests.  Games such as Spot It, Zingo, Candyland, Uno, and Charades are fun for the whole family.

Make a special meal: Get your kids involved in the kitchen by helping to plan and prepare a special Valentine's Day meal. You could make heart-shaped pizzas, cookies, or other treats.  I think the food is where my family is most excited when it comes to celebrating this day.  I have also done years where I buy the heart-shaped pizza and we drink sparkling cider out of fancy glasses.  The kids thoroughly enjoy it.

Family enjoying Valentine's Day dinner with treats and special glasses filled with sparkling apple ciderFamily about to enjoy heart-shaped pizza


Have a heart-to-heart conversation: Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to have a special conversation with your kids about love, kindness, and the importance of showing appreciation for those we care about.

By incorporating these ideas into your Valentine's Day celebration, you can create a meaningful and memorable holiday for your whole family.  We’ve really enjoyed building the family traditions around this holiday and as our kiddos get older, it’ll be fun to see which ones they’ll incorporate into their own families. 

 *This article was written with help from gpt2.

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